Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Fun stuff! Yesterday we brought lil guy to the third birthday party of our friends daughter. Freaking adorable. I have been friends with her dad since our freshman year of high school ( holy crap, 20 years?!?!) and really like his wife, so that was cool. It was all little girls, lil guy got some kisses from one haha and played in the bouncy house. I felt bad at one point-since he was the youngest and the only boy at one point some girls ganged up and pushed him down. Poor kiddo looked so confused.

Today we go to an indoor bouncy place for a six year old's party. Good friends there and a wide range of kids so we can all have fun :-)


Now tomorrow I have a job interview. And that feels weird! I left my job to be a SAHM. While I had a great job and benefits my commute and schedule really didn't work with any type of daycare- I was leaving by 4am on Mondays and by 5 the rest of the week. In addition to that I could be forced to work based on weather or work load. So.... Among other reasons it just wouldn't work.

I have been going to the gym 3 days a week and thought rather than pay $10 a month why not try to make some money during that time instead? Lil guy loves the time with my parents as much as they love the time with him. So. Yeah. Tomorrow I have an interview with *retail coffee shop* Should be interesting? I also put in an app for an office type position with work that I would enjoy that happens to be the exact days my mom already watches lil guy. Which is perfect. So as much as I would loooove free coffee I think I may keep my fingers crossed for an interview at the other place. I also have a friend who works in a completely different department at other place who happens to know the manager etc for where I am applying, so that might help! It all feels so weird - but I think (far) down the road it will help me transition when lil guy goes to school. Momming. Adulting. Lots of feels.

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