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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I'm tired this week. I just got over a nasty cold, my husband was away on business for most of the last two weeks leaving me alone with the two kids. I can feel I'm off. Not alarmingly so, but to the point where I need to break out the self-care and getting enough sleep is a big part of that. Does anyone else sort of gear themselves up and think, "tonight's gonna be a good sleep. I'll head up a bit early, I'll sleep well. It's gonna happen." Then, your kids have other plans.

My 5yo had already gotten me up once or twice to fix her blankets (she kicks them off a lot in her sleep) and then later to get her some water. Then, some time later she came into our room and started whimpering about a bad dream, scared, help, I can't remember the rest because I was still half asleep. I refused to get out of bed again, so my husband and I let her climb in between us. Which never really works out in the end, but holy crap I was so done with getting out of bed that night. We bought a king sized bed a couple of years ago so that it would be more comfortable when our girls climbed in with us (I don't allow it all the time). It didn't really help that much, as they tend to be magnetically attracted to one of us at any time, sticking to us regardless of how much space there is in the bed. Plus, 5yo is not a good bed sharer - she's a floppy fish and she tends to touch a lot, squeezing our hands and stroking our hair. Which is sweet when you're not trying to sleep. I fear for any future partner she has.

Then not long after, my 7yo came to the door saying something similar. I sent her away as oftentimes even if I get into bed with her and try to settle her she won't accept it and I'm out 20 minutes of sleep, so she often just goes back to her room, turns the lamp on and reads. Then she'll nod back off to sleep much of the time. Thank heavens she didn't notice her little sister was in the bed with us because she is all about not-fair-even-steven to a ridiculous degree and no one would have gotten any sleep with all four of us in the same bed.


These crazy kids are going to kill me one day. I play this song for my 5yo sometimes, but in reality it is my jam. Preach it, Pajanimals:

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