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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Kids and Homework (except I have no kids)

So, our nine-year-old neighbor came over because we have a computer and a printer, and his parents do not. He’s doing a report on Arizona, and needed to print out some titles and fun facts to put on his board so that it looks a little nicer.

We agreed, but his mom’s stipulation was that HE had to type up everything, not me or BoyPenguin. His mom had written down the facts, and he was typing them by looking at the words, hunting and pecking at the letters slowly. We helped him look up a few other facts about Arizona, and I wrote them out on a piece of paper. However, he can’t read cursive, and a few of my letters (f, r, s) were written that way. I asked him what letter he thought those were and he ended up figuring it out on his own.


Then BoyPenguin left.

After everything was printed, he cut out the words and we started laying out the information on the board. His mom came over to help for a bit, but he gets snarky and uncooperative around her; when I said the exact thing she’d just said and he answered me where he’d just ignored her, she decided she was going to go home and cook food instead.


We laid out a big chunk of the project, and painted in the official state colors, but that was it. By the time we’d done that, it was time for him to go home for dinner.

OH MY GOD! It took ALL my self-control not to just take the project from him and do it myself!!! Everything from the typing to the cutting to the layout to the painting...EVERYTHING! It would have been faster, better, and easier if I had just done it for him.


For you parents out there who have school-aged kids: Props. Y’all must have the patience of saints, or just a lot of wine.

Speaking of, I’m getting myself some wine now.

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