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Kids Halloween Costumes - Weapons Etiquette Question

So my nine-year-old stepkid really wants to be Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy for Halloween. I've got 90% of the costume figured out - some black pants, a black faux leather vest over a black tank top over a green shirt, some green costume makeup and an actual Gamora wig I've bought online, along with some black nylon wrist warmers. I've still got to get her some black shoes, but otherwise I think we're looking pretty good here, for an amateur Halloween costume.

My question is this - she really wants a sword to go with the costume. I'm not sure how appropriate that is. Among other things, it will be a pain to carry all night. I also think she will be recognizable enough without it. We're also going to be attending a school Halloween party with her in costume, and I'm not sure about bringing a sword to a school function like that. Kids get hyped up on sugar and tend to hit each other, and it's all just a pain.


What would you tell your kid? Costume is good enough without the sword? Or give in and buy a cheap plastic thing off Amazon?

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