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Kids in the street: A rant

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My neighborhood is made of blind corners. When it was being built, cars were shorter, and the trees and shrubs they were planing were adorable and small. The planners decided that curvy roads would sell houses better than straight ones, so you can't see that far ahead. Twenty years later, the cars are now SUVs, the bushes are HUGE, and the trees are thick and non-transparent, and the roads are still curvy.


Even if you drive at a perfectly civilized 20 MPH to get to your home, you don't have much time to react if something dashes out in front of you. Dogs and cats and bunnies and raccoons and possums getting killed is a painfully regular experience. And yet, people still encourage their children to play in the street.

Note that there's lots of green areas for the kids to play on. These are townhouses, so there's huge SWATHS of land behind every unit. There are also wide sidewalks, and a playground is a short five minute walk away. Hell, each unit has a backyard! With all of these options, why the HELL are people standing back and waving as their extremely short children run around where two-ton killing machines roam? Are they trying to cull the herd?


Normally, I just grumble, but today, I almost saw a three-year-old get plastered by a god-damn truck. The truck wasn't going fast, but the girl decided that she really, REALLY wanted to pet my dog (WOW, SAVING THAT RANT FOR LATER) and dashed into the street. The mother barely grabbed the child at the last second, and I expected to see her lay down some truth-bombs. Instead, she seemed pretty unphased about the whole thing.

Why?! Fucking why? I do not understand!

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