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Kids say the Darnest Things

My school uses this language and literacy program called From Three to Three. The components of the program are rhymes, oral stories, and picture books.

One of the rhymes is called "Heave, Ho, buckets of snow." Goes like this:

Heave, ho, buckets of snow,

The giant is combing his beard.

The snow was as high as the top of the sky,

And the world has disappeared.

Anyways, today as the kids were cleaning up, one little girl came along carrying a big block in either hand and chanting "Heave, ho, buckets of snow"


A little boy joined in and said "The giant is combing his beard,". He paused for a moment looked at me and said "You are combing your beard."

Me: "I don't have a beard."

Boy comes over rubs my chin, and then announces, "I feel something there..."

We then had a short chat about how it wasn't polite to comment a woman's facial hair. :D

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