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Kids these days

I've been ruminating on how irritated I am by that gawker article about the college that removed a pendulum because too many kids were riding it miley-style. Of course kids acting like dumbasses is always annoying but that is par for the course on a college campus.

What is bothering me is the videos of them protesting the removal of the pendulum. I get upset that most college students care little about social activism and only protest when something stupid like this is taken away from them. As an example, when I was an undergraduate, a fellow student was put on probation from school for orchestrating a racist frat party. I had not seen one protest on my campus until this happened and suddenly everyone was protesting about free speech. Are these your priorities?!?


At least in my case it was a good way to decide which acquaintances to weed out of my life. You're protesting "free speech" in the face of racism? Not wasting my time with you anymore...

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