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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Ok, it’s official. I have surpassed the absolute limit of the sheer number of silverfish one person should see in a lifetime and it all. happened. today. I need help killing these things, people. Permanently.

Barely there backstory for context: I’m doing The Great Divide™ in my kitchen presently, and while it feels great to literally expunge about three quarters of the useless crap that was in there, it seems as though underneath every cookie sheet hidden in a corner, or a serving fork hanging out lost in the back of the drawer is a cavalcade of horrific pre-historic mini-monsters. I mean, I know these disgusting terrors find a way in to everyone’s kitchen somehow*, but this...it’s gross, to put it mildly.


I want to avoid anything like this ever happening again. Besides the obvious cleaning, regularly rotating useful kitchen supplies, and wiping down cabinets, does anyone have some remedies for keeping this bullshit out of my kitchen?

Here is a picture of a kitten being mugged by ducklings, as compensation:

Illustration for article titled KILL IT WITH FIRE.

* Black magic? I think it’s black magic.

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