I was just wondering, has anyone got any updates on how KillerMartini is since the whole asplosion with her piece on how poor people make poor decisions? How is she? Did she get her teeth fixed? Is she still writing?

Another thing - is anyone a little bit over all these Kinja changes? I like GT for the social side, as it feels like you guise are my people, and that is a feeling that is rare IRL for me (I know nice enough actual people, but they aren't really MY people, more circumstantial friends). But all this recruiting and unique views and mainpage stuff is making me feel like this is becoming more and more about writing skills and marketing your personal 'brand' than social chit chat (by that I mean anything written without an eye to developing a brand, so even the serious stuff counts as chit chat). Is this just the inevitable route that a popular forum travels?

There's nothing wrong with all that per se, it's more that it's not really for me.

PSA: This isn't a flounce off, more of a beginning-to-wonder-if-I-should-slink-off.