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Can Lee Pace be my imaginary boyfriend and other ponderings of this week.

Finally had a chance to watch Halt and Catch Fire. I accidentally watched the season 2 premier first and now I’m starting the first season. I only started to watch the show because the opening credits are amazing.

And then Lee Pace snuck into my dream last night. He was teaching me how to dance and now I can’t get him out of my head. Anyone else have that? You dream you are in a relationship with someone and then you wake up with those feels even though it wasn’t real? It’s fun, but also really annoying. So I bought the first episode of Pushing Daisies and I adore him. It’s going to be an expensive tv series month.


As for Killjoys. Visiting family tomorrow and going to discuss my recent success. Turns out that as many people who were made deeply uncomfortable by my doctor simulator game, that there were many more in their place who loved it. So I’ve been advised to get on the patient lecture circuit (people were blown away by my 2 short presentations. I am a good lecturer) and getting a working prototype out there. (I have a modest demo version right now) and scope out some doctors that would want to work with me to make it accurate and more patients who’d want to share their stories.

The killjoy part is immediately I was asked how much are you going to make off this game? Will it make you a millionaire? And that will be fuelled by other questions that if I don’t make money from it, it’s not a success but a waste of time. It will also be followed by a conversation with my Dad about how you can’t change anything so just don’t bother. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to my kill joy trip.


Ideally, I’d love grant money to allow me to take time off of work to focus on it. I just want to change the medical system and teach people how to go to the doctor, and then also show how much can actually fuck up and how not talking about it makes it worse for both patients and doctors. Ya, I’d love some money, but it’s not my motivation to make this game. My motivation is to educate and empower patients, and critique a system that needs to change.

Happy thoughts

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