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Amidst the kind of expected news regarding Dark Matter, some good stuff. I don’t love Killjoys as much as I love Dark Matter, but it’s still a crazy, loud and wonderful little gem.
They’ll get two more season to wrap everything up, the deal Dark Matter’d have needed, it was planned for 5 seasons. What I heard is that Killjoys is a cooperation between Syfy and Space and that’s why it got renewed, while Dark Matter is 100% Syfy.
Two more seasons of Hullen, green goo and new additions to my everygrowing Killjoys music playlist. Seriosuly, this se8ries has introduced me to a massive amount of artists and songs that I listen to on a daily basis.

Though for season 4 I have mostly 2 wishes, more Pree and please another woman besides Zeph on Team Dutch. (eta: havn’t watched the final yet, no idea if everyone survives :/ ;-) )


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