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Kind of dumb: can you fix zippers?

So, my dog is an asshole. She has separation anxiety that manifests when she sees someone leave the house. On my way out last night, I stopped to tell my roommate something and the dog finished her distraction treat before I was out the door. I saw her see me leave, but didn't have time to go back and give her something else.

I came home and she had dragged her bed and the futon cover that I'd left on the floor (I planned to take it to the laundromat this weekend) all over the room, entangled them, peed on them (WTF?), and somehow broken the zipper off the futon cover.

Can I fix this or should I just buy a new one (ugh!) instead of washing it? THe sewn on part is fine, just this part is broken off:


Is this something I could fix if I was able to find a craft store, or is it a lost cause?

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