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Kind of want to reality check all of my co-workers right now

So we can see the interstate from our high rise office window and someone just noticed that there had been a huge accident - black smoke pouring from a car that you can see from over a mile away, what looks to be multiple vehicles involved - and people started commenting and saying

"Oh man, that is so awful.... those people are going to have to be stuck in traffic for forever"

"Oh my god, look at that.... they're blocked up for a mile!"

where not a single person seemed to care about say, the people horribly hurt and most likely killed in the accident? I kept expecting everything after the ellipses above to be about the accident rather than pitying the people stuck in traffic. I'm sure it's not awesome for them, but I'm pretty sure that one of my basic qualification for decent human being is that if you look at a scene of destruction, your immediate sympathies lie with the person suffering grievous harm, not with the inconvenienced bystanders.


I'm grossed out.

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