I apparently have VERY different taste from everyone else in attractive peeps. Granted, I'm only watching with straight girls and I'm bi, but no one finds the same people attractive that I do (because yes, right now, with my recently dumped bestie and lots of wine, the opening parade is just a big game of hot or not).

DOES THIS MEAN THAT I HAVE NO COMPETITION FOR SHEMAR MOORE? I mean, if no one else likes the people I do, it stands to reason....

On a (not much more) serious note, anyone interesting else have crushes that they're not worried anyone else will steal? I don't mean weird crushes. I mean you're all alone. I've posted about my unconventional crush on Richard Hammond before, but many people pointed out I wasn't alone in that. I mean, you are just aaaaaaaaaall by yourself.

Mine is the Olympic delegation from Albania. YES THE WHOLE THING.