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Kindle First: Anyone picking up a book?

So, as I mentioned previously, I JUST found out that Amazon has a program called Kindle First. Basically, every month, you can pick a free ebook from six available titles. I’m intrigued by this since my Internet Bubble recommendations only seem to include incredibly dense non-fiction or sci-fi / fantasy that’s more navel-gazing than fun. This gives me a chance to read stuff that’s way outside what I normally read.

Last month, I picked up Interference. It was a crazy fast read (I could have finished it in one sitting) and, well, not what I was expecting. I enjoyed it more for that, to be honest. It’s one of those books that’s almost impossible to talk about without spoiling it. If you want some trigger warnings, go here.


This month, I decided to grab something under the label of “Historical Women’s Fiction”: The Unbroken Line of the Moon. I’m hoping that “Historical Women’s Fiction” means I’m going to get treated to some Nords screwing on moors.

Anyone else picking up a free book? Did you grab one last month?

ETA: I put the TWs up on another blog post.

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