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Kindle First: December free books!

You know the drill: If you’re a Prime member, you get to pick out a free ebook once a month! If you picked something up last month, what did you get? What do you plan on getting this month?

Last month, I picked up Nirzona: A Love Story and... I tried. I really, really fucking tried, okay? I had to drop it at about 25% of the way in.


I think I was missing the cultural context for the novel. Like, I understood the events, but I felt like this was a retelling of some story that I didn’t know, but that it was expected that I did know. I’m also not sure the translation helped it out any.

I feel HORRIBLE for the author. Even though it gave her exposure, I’m not sure that the First program was a match.

This month, I’m giving myself a break and going with a more certain winner: Fate of Perfection by K. F. Breene. I need some fiction in my life, and I really don’t want to work too hard for it right now.

So, whatcha getting? Did you like what you got last month?

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