For those who don’t know, Amazon Prime members have a perk called Kindle First. Basically, every month you can pick a free ebook that’s slated to be released next month. Some are from new authors, some are from already established authors, and for some, the print versions have been available for a while.

It’s like a book club for cheap people.

[Review CW: Rape mention]

ANYWAY, last month, I picked up The Unbroken Line of the Moon. It was listed under “Historical Woman’s Fiction”, so I thought, okay, this is going to be a bodice ripper.

Um, no. It was not a bodice ripper. It was, however, quite good. The story revolves around Viking culture, with the three POVs being a woman of status who becomes queen, a young Viking bent on overthrowing the king, and a half-mad former slave who is possessed a protective spirit.

For it being about Vikings and being rather unflinching about rape and war and death, it was actually not that graphic. Save for one incident, most killing is described in a perfunctory manner. The one rape that was described on-page wasn’t written to titillate. It was a horrible act, but wasn’t written in a way that lingered over it, if that makes sense.


ETA: One of the reviews cracked me up. Some dude was complaining that he picked up the book so that he could learn more about his Viking heritage. He admitted that the book was well researched, but complained that there was violence and rape in it. Like, dude, what were you expecting?

Did anyone else get anything? Will you get anything this month? I picked up The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds. It was mostly the author’s bio that intrigued me. Also, I’m a sucker for a woman who started writing seriously only later in light.