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Kindle First: Happy New Year edition!

You know the drill! Amazon offers Prime users a free Kindle book every month, probably as a way to get some reviews before the official release date, but I’m okay with that sort of manipulation! Here are this month’s offerings.

Last month, I got Fate of Perfection and... I’m not sure about it? I liked the world. I enjoyed the plot. I liked the scifi bits and the human bits and the fact that you don’t have to read through pages of tech specs to understand why the main character can open doors with her mind. I even love the portrayal of a woman who is a badass who is also a loving and dedicated mother, and who doesn’t see those two things as conflicting.


But the love subplot is gross. She’s not into it, he’s super aggressive and demeaning, and while they’re trying to set up the idea that he’s really a Good Guy, I’d rather him just stay an asshole and them not get involved sexually. There are more than enough plot reasons to keep them together without them having sex or getting romantically involved in any way.

And, of course, she falls in LURVE with him and they have fantastic sex and blah blah blah. I won’t be picking up any more in the series.

This month, I got In the Shadow of Lakecrest, because I need a period mystery spooky thing in my life. I’m 1% in and I like it so far.

How about you? Getting anything? Read the book from last month?

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