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How do I kinja? I just have some little buggy questions that have been bugging me (heh) and am wondering if it’s just me.

So, when I go to the comments on an article, and someone has a little speech bubble at the end, followed by a number, that means that people have replied to them, yes? Great. So, I click on the little speech bubble, and most of the time either the replies just pop up, or I get a button saying “show replies” which I then click and THEN the replies show. (Not sure why we need to ask twice to be shown replies, especially when they aren’t grey. Seems redundant, but whatever.) Except sometimes, it doesn’t happen like that. Sometimes, the little speech bubble shows up, and when I click on it, nothing happens.

Here’s a comment:


Little speech bubble, showing I have one reply. But when I click on it,

Nada. Just a little X in the bubble, so I know my mouse did SOMETHING. Now, I know that in this particular instance, the only reply I have gotten to that comment is one that I dismissed (and one where the “this is just a really annoying and combative comment from someone who is clearly being an ass just because” flag would have been useful, fwiw. So, that should explain why it’s not popping up, I guess? Except then why does it still show that I have a reply? And actually, you see the one above it, that I’m replying to? Last night, the speech bubble showed two replies, and no matter how many times I clicked on the little bubble, and then the “show replies” button, nothing. But this morning, she has three replies, and when I click on her bubble it shows three, in addition to mine. So it seems that kinja’s reluctance to show those comments had nothing to do with their being dismissed?


This happens all the time. I click on the little speech bubble, expecting replies to read, and get nothing. Somebody ‘splain me why?

Now, my other question is really more for the kinja gods. Are we ever going to get nested replies? I swear that they existed for a brief shining moment, on some forums, and it was so much easier to follow the thread of a conversation. And I swear that I read that they were coming soon to everyone. But then they disappeared and I haven’t heard any more about it. Possibly I just hallucinated it all? Is this a Thing That Will Happen?


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