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Welcome To The Bitchery
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So, it's been, what, a couple of weeks? How's everybody feeling about this new layout, now we've had time to familiarize ourselves with it?


Personally, I has a mad. I've been here since Jezebel's first incarnation and have been through all the subsequent changes with an open mind (although, admittedly less and less so, since I've seen the quality of the writing, and the comments decline with increasing rapidity).

I am a person who LOVES change and is usually excited by it - hell, I've lived in three different cities, switched careers and moved countries in pursuit of novelty and amusement - but I have to be honest, Jezebel, in this incarnation, is not working for me. I have resorted to commenting on Gizmodo and (gasp!) Gawker, because they are the only two left with the old layout.


So, why do I hate Kinja 2.0 so much?

- The comments on the main page load incorrectly, so after the first couple of swipes to the left, I get comments that I can only see one vertical half of, and further swipes just make them whiz by so I miss a bunch of them.


- I can't find anything - I had to post an annotation* on a picture to an unrelated story on the front page to find Groupthink!

- I'm seeing the same commenters posting under each story over and over again, which is getting hella boring. It seems the rest of us - even those of us who have been here for years, and therefore obviously not trolls - are relegated to the grayed-out hinterlands for some odd reason. (At least with the old star system you knew what you had to do to earn one!)


- Can someone explain how the individual 'blog' thing is good, or helps a feeling of community on Jezebel?

- Nah, still don't like the GINORMO pictures on the front page.

- *one thing I do like, though: the annotating function. Fun!

Anyone have any thoughts on this? (Assuming anyone can read this apart from me!)

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