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JUST when you guys were being so supportive of me I got locked out of my burner! Made it on my mobile and did not save the key. Celandine is another keyless burner and finally I saved the key when I made Jane L'Austen Space, so if it happens again you'll know it's really me. Nonstopera is the only one with posting privileges and I am loathe to give it up! I have no idea why today my blue icon is back and I can star again. Weird.

I had the biopsy. Wasn't too painful. Radiologist said it has the appearance of cancer but since I had breast reduction surgery it could be scar tissue. 50/50 she said. If not for possibility of scar tissue it would be much higher - she probably would have said 90% likelihood of cancer. I should know by Tuesday but she said call Friday afternoon to see. I told my parents and feel better since I did. You guys are all awesome. It's weird how much little kindnesses help in hard times. Thank you.


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