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Welcome To The Bitchery

Criteria: This is based on the number of supportive comments, and how many stars the supportive comments received in total. For example, if there is a comment with 10 stars, that is 11 points, one for the comment, the rest for the stars.

Bernie Sanders

Supportive comments: 21 (Not counting the in-thread comments)

Total Stars: 181 (Not counting the in-thread comments)

Total points: 202

Hillary Clinton

Supportive comments: 14 (Not counting the in-thread comments)

Total Stars: 88 (Not counting the in-thread comments)

Total points: 102

Abstaining Comments

2 Abstaining comments (Not counting the in-thread comments), with 13 Stars

12 In-Thread Abstaining Comments, and 41 Stars

Number of Comments in the “Rebuttal” Section

Bernie: 2

Hillary: 23

Other Observations

  • One of the major things I noticed was the concerns of sexism and racism coming from the side of Bernie Sanders supporters toward Hillary.
  • Hillary supporters mention her experience in forming coalitions and “playing” the game so to speak, to achieve her goals.
  • Hillary supporters also mention her weathering of numerous scandals and trials.
  • Hillary supporters also expressed concerns about congressional backlash, the viability of Sanders’ campaign, and how his promises are to be implemented.
  • Hillary supporters also mention her support from POC and other minority voting communities.
  • Bernie supporters tended to be more vocal in what they thought was wrong with Hillary.
  • Bernie supporters called into question, her finances, past policy and advocacy positions, her lack of inclusiveness, and her record with POC.
  • Bernie supporters highlighted his years of experience, civil rights work, and his goals to combat income inequality.
  • There were also concerns about Hillary being non-inclusive, and #WhiteFeminist

I Would Like to Thank You All for Participating!

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