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Kinja Glitch! AKA Why you got to be like that, Kinja?

After Notorious GIGI's post about clicking comments and it not taking through to people, I noticed a glitch. I can't follow Notorious GIGI. I followed her last night. This morning, the little checkmark in the bottom corner of her avatar wasn't there. So I followed her again, by scrolling over her name and selecting Follow. NOPE. NOT WORKING. So I clicked the little V in the right-side of one of her comments, and that let me follow her.

Just now I checked — I'm not following her. I can't get kinja to let me follow her. Nor can I follow ibreeze. But ivyleaf I can follow.

So, if I haven't followed you yet, post a comment of some kind and we'll see if I can follow you.

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