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kinja help

DeAR ErNie, I hav Always doE most of my kiJaingOn moBilE, ithoutA problem. Its Been greT and preVuously the obile Sit Got better and bRtterer! But Now tHis is happNing. It's only happeniNo o ThisSite! What on Earth is Going on??

I had bee tryiG to ediT and mak my pSt's intelLigible But there are not enOugh hours in the day so imJust gOink withAh it.

I hope you On yoR great poweraFIx thus!

Kind reards, jennifer q Apples

ETA I'm gonna turn on my actual computer now to reply to people without them thinking I'm in some sort of distress.


PS Ernie I'm still petitioning you for that crafting forum. There's a ton of interest!

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