Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Edit / update 2: The gmail address I gave to the helpdesk will be no use because I'm now locked out of that because wiping cache etc wiped whatever magic google uses to know I'm me, and I have no mobile signal to receive their secret codes to get back in. So there's that too.

Edit / update: And when using IE the first few words of my comments are eaten by Kinja (advance payment?) AND I can't upload files.


I am adrift without gifs.

*horrified face*

I don't know if my email didn't get through to helpdesk or if they're busy or what. So.


For about a week I haven't been able to read comments on io9.

A couple of days after noticing that, I was locked out of Kinja entirely on Chrome, Opera, and all my mobile browsers. Cache, cookies, all that stuff cleared (which by the way is really annoying, having to re-do all the stuff that autofills, but I digress).


By "locked out" I mean that

  • There is no login / sign up button to the top right, nor my own username/menu
  • I can see articles, and see the speech bubble with e.g. "24 comments", but there is no button for Pending / All Replies. Clicking on the numbered speech bubble sends me back to the top of the page
  • From the main blog page, clicking the first paragraph to open a post does nothing. It has to be title or timestamp. The cursor still changes to the little hand though.

So how am I here? Borrowed someone else's device running (*spit*) Internet Explorer. Also what the fuck is with the stray bullet point? GO. AWAY. You had your chance.

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