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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Kinja is driving me Krazy!

Is anyone else having problems adding links, images, and videos to their comments? I use Chrome and have been unable to add any of the above for the past week or so. I have never experienced this issue prior to now.

Every time I click "Insert" in order to add anything to my comments, whether on GT or the mainpage (where I am in the grey) I get a warning message from Chrome saying:

Confirm Navigation
You have unsaved changes in this post.
Are you sure you want to leave this page?
[Stay on this Page] [Leave this Page]


If I click "Stay on this Page" the warning goes away and I'm left looking at the kinja "Insert Image/Link/Video" dialogue box. If I click "Leave this Page" then the entire page refreshes, the open comment box goes away, and I lose my entire comment.

Yesterday I was able to make a comment to GT containing an image by using Firefox, so naturally I thought the problem had to be originating from Chrome. However, today, I wrote up this post using Firefox and the same thing happened! When I tried to insert a screen cap of the Chrome warning message I got a Firefox warning message essentially saying the same thing as the Chrome one. When I clicked "Continue" or whatever the option was, the page refreshed and I lost my post.


What the hell is going on?! Has anyone experienced the same issue? Or does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? Please help!

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