ETA: 4:40 p.m. Steve from the help desk suggests clearing history, restarting the browser, and allowing cookies. He says the recommendations issue is something they are working on.

Is everyone else still having problems accessing comments from their notifications page? I know I still am.

I’ve sent a query to Lauren Bertolini, via her post on kinja notifications from a week or so ago, and I hope there’s a response, because this is very frustrating, and not an enjoyable way to participate in a blog.

ETA; Lauren Bertolini says this was not intended and that I should notify the gawker helpdesk, which I have done. Will keep you up date as I hear anything.

ETA: CindyLouCthulhu has pointed out that if you click on the post title (highlighted in blue) in the comment on the “all notifications” page, it will take you to the correct comment. You still cannot access the recommendations though.