Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have cleared my cache multiple times. Should I email the help people? Or just hope this fixes itself?

Problems I am having:
1. Recommending a post *appears* to subtract stars on my screen, but in reality it is doing nothing because when I reload the page that post still has the same number of stars but does not indicate that I recommended it. (And when it’s in the gray, my recommendation is not ungraying it like it normally would on blogs where I am followed.)
2. Getting a lot of “post save failed” and “post save failed; check ur internet connection gurl”
My internet connection is fine, tyvm Kinja. Usually if I spam the button it eventually goes through. Sometimes it does not. (And sometimes it goes through multiple times even though it said it failed.)
3. Not all of my notifications are showing - people are responding to me and it is not notifying me, a little.
4. Keeps logging me out (not when I clear my cache)

Any fixes? I’m not on mobile, I’m on my laptop using Chrome. Windows 7 if that matters.
I’ll respond to people if I can but if I don’t respond to you or star your post I’m not ignoring you, Kinja just hates me right now. :(

UPDATE: Apparently Kinja help is aware of the issue, according to Joanbeam. They’re working on it. Glad it’s not just me, at least. :)

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