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Kinja question, and anxiety thoughts

Kinja question/issue:

For the past three weeks, I’ve excitedly hopped on my beloved GT Fur Face Friday, ready to post pics of my fluffy borko. I can’t !!!’ When I go to type a comment, there is no option or icon anywhere that allows me to add a photo or anything else. Why???? Am I missing something???! Is this happening to anyone else?



Cause I don’t know what else to call it. One issue my husband and I have always had is my fear that he’s mad at me or doesn’t like me. I frequently get this feeling like omg he’s mad at me! It’s not really cause of any way he’s acting .... I just... get scared.

We have a healthy, stable, loving relationship. We’ve been together for 8 years and married for just about 3. We’ve had our issues but nothing terrible. I don’t have a history of partners leaving me, and def not him. I did have a pretty stressful, tumultuous, and unpredictable childhood. My therapist relates my fears to that (cause isn’t all cause of childhood? Heh).

In the past he’s really gotten mad at me for questioning so often if he’s mad at me or doesn’t really like me, because in his words “he can’t believe I’d think that, that I don’t trust him, that after all we’ve been through I’d think that”..... In the past year or so I’ve explained myself more, and he seems to understand where I’m coming from. But still. I get why it bothers him. I love him and respect him and he shows me so much love and respect and yet... somehow... it still does t seem believable? I dunno. I just get so nervous.


Here’s a doggo pic for reading: (and if it’s at the top of this post, I’m sorry. I can’t kinja.)

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