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Wouldn’t it be amazing if replies were actually nested? I would love it, if when I click on a reply in my notifications, I could tell EXACTLY which of my comments they were replying to, if it’s vague. And that I could see ALL OTHER COMMENTS in the same conversation, instead of having to go through “all replies.” Or if, I didn’t have to read a comment, see who they were replying to, and scroll up to read that comment (which, maybe you don’t know which of that person’s comments they’re even replying to so then there’s that...). I wish I didn’t have to use a bunch of context clues, or go scrolling through ALL COMMENTS to follow a conversation.

I just....I feel like this has been figured out before, and like it’s a no-brainer. I can’t format it here, so see the attached image. 3 comment threads, one article, would be so much easier to navigate. Replies are not arranged by chronology, but rather by TO WHOM they are replying.



In other Kinja news, I’ve noticed my dismiss button is not there sometimes. Thoughts? Commisery?

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