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Welcome To The Bitchery

Kinja Suggestion: Easier Access to Followed Blogs

Not sure where to put this, so I'll leave it right here.

Illustration for article titled Kinja Suggestion: Easier Access to Followed Blogs

I would love if, instead of "blogs you may like," this drop down could feature the subKinjas that I already follow.

I do realize that I can access this by going to my following page, but I'm also following a bunch of commenters, and it's really hard to keep up with some of the more offbeat subpages that I often forget to check. Also, it's too many clicks away to be considered convenient.


I am already aware of the existing Gawker Media sites, so this menu could be... more useful. Is my idea a thing we could implement?

Please and thank you, Overlords!

Here is a GIF for your troubles.

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