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Kinja/Technical question

Is there a way to make a post private on kinja, so only I can see it and it doesn’t appear on search engines? I am fairly positive the answer to this is no.

If kinja doesn’t have a way to make posts private, does anyone know if there is a way to... archive/save the current form of (words fail me) a webpage? I would like to save my posts and the comments on them in some way without the public being able to view them anymore.

I am uncomfortable with having the things I’ve said about what’s going on with my sister in the public view because my mom and a friend of mine know my kinja handle. Some of the stuff I’ve said would be hurtful. But I really do not want to lose the posts - they’re a good document of what is going on and you guys always give me such great advice and feedback in the comments.

If worst comes to worst I can just screenshot the shit out of everything and make a folder on my computer. I FEEL LIKE there should be a way to archive/preserve a webpage but that might be beyond my technical skills.


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