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Kinja Twitter Etiquette: Your Guide to an Awesome Twitter Experience

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This is just a nice little guide for those who are brand new to Twitter or are hesitate to join. This is a long post that required huge amounts of blood, sweat, and tears (okay, it didn't involved any of that) to write. Just like the Discussion of Kinja/GT Etiquette and Style post, each topic is in bold so you can skip to the part you want to read but I recommend reading every link provided.


In case you did not know, GT Twitter, or to be honest, Kinja Twitter is a thing. It is people's home away from home where you can have a more intimate level of interaction with people you encounter daily on Kinjaverse.


However, just like any home there are guidelines one should follow so that the experience is a positive one. Below are some spoken and unspoken guidelines that have been in place. Use these and make your own but the most important thing is DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE!

First thing has nothing to do with Kinja Twitter but with Twitter itself. Twitter is, according to the New Users FAQ page, "a service for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages." Once on Twitter, you will see it go beyond that description to something even more powerful where people unite under one idea even though they are on opposite sides of the globe, you can see a different side of some celebrities, you can learn or teach, you can promote, and you can PRIVATE MESSAGE (hint hint Kinja).


Twitter is one of the easiest social media tools out there to learn. The Welcome to Twitter page offers a comprehensive guide about the service. The company itself put together a more beautiful "here are the basics" page and a Twitter glossary page.


So what part of all of that above has to deal with Kinja Twitter?

Well all of it. But to make it easier here some basic basics you with see many Kinja and non-Kinja tweeters using:

Retweets (RTs): During your time on Twitter you will encounter tweets that quote another tweet, or see RT. All of these things are retweets. RT is a manual copy and paste of a tweet. If you do a manual RT but have to modified it in some way put MT to let people know.


Hashtags (#): I won't go into what a hashtag actually is but I will share some popular ones:

  • #FF or #FollowFriday- used on (you guessed it) Fridays to show appreciate for some people who follow. It is also a discovery tool for those who want to follow new people but don't know who.
  • #TBT or #ThrowBackThursday- Used on Thursdays to share pictures from the past whether it was from last week or decades ago. Great time to share baby pictures.
  • #TCOT or Top Conservatives on Twitter- Why did I put this on the list? Because if you go through the tweets you can laugh, cry, or be shocked by some of the information there. Or you could troll it if you get bored. Accompanying hashtag is always #Benghazi
  • #Snackpack-You will see some(including me) Kinja Tweeters using this hashtag. Lead by Snacktastic, a group of us use it to talk about snacks and pancakes and things. Why? I don't know, because it's Twitter. TREND #SNACKPACK!
  • There are tons more. Literally every word or subject can be turned into a hashtag. Just don't make every word in your tweet a hashtag.

Direct Messaging (DM): It's basically private messaging system but for Twitter. Someone has to follow you before they can send you a DM but you also have to be following that person to receive a DM. In other words, follow each other for effective DMing.

Following: Once you follow someone you will be able to see their tweets in your timeline. Click here to learn how to approve people if your account is private.


Private vs Public Tweets: If you make your account private then only approved followers will see your tweets. If your account is public then anyone(i mean anyone) can read your tweets. It is up to you to decide what option is best.

@replies and mentions: Any time your Twitter handle is properly mention (that is with the '@' symbol before your handle like@yourtwitternamehereyolo), it will appear in your notifications tab. A @reply is simply a reply to a tweet. You must use the reply button for a @reply. If I was to tweet "I want pancakes" then Katmelon (not her Twitter name) would reply to my tweet with "@pancakesarethebest get waffles". A mention is any tweet that features a Twitter handle within the tweet.


Gifs: Nope. Twitter doesn't show gifs. (I know, WTF?! is right) However, you can tweet the url link for the gif. You can also always search for reaction pictures/memes.

Want to know how to enable Emojis on your iOS device? Click here.


There are, however, limits to Twitter. You can read all about them at the Twitter Limits page.

Okay, I think I'm ready but first what is Kinja Twitter?

Kinja Twitter, like I mentioned before, is simply a unofficial group of people on Twitter who also frequent Kinja (you might see it referred to as GT Twitter). It is just a name to refer to people who are on both services. Some tweeple (Twitter people) may be owners of the sub-blogs (Hi Slay! Hi Magister! Hi Empress Foofypants!), or mods (Looking at you Sorcia MacNasty) or regular users who find sending out 140 characters of their thoughts is a lot more appealing than waiting on writing a post later. Kinja Twitter is an informal/unofficial name that has no affiliation with Twitter besides using the service to communicate.


Because of the expanding number of tweeps (once again Twitter people) from GT/Kinja on there, there are some basic guidelines that you should follow if you want to stay on some people's good side. Now these are not rules, just guidelines that have been followed for the longest. Because we use Twitter as a safe haven/positive/"I want to rant about waffles" place, we thought it would be nice to put out a little guide. These are not definitive guidelines. There is no leader or mod of Kinja Twitter. If you have problems with a particular user on Kinja (not Twitter) then this page will be useful. If you are having a problem with someone on Twitter: BLOCK AND REPORT! You can report spam too.


Kinja Twitter Guidelines or Check Your Etiquette
(This is not in order of importance.)

  1. You know those people you can't stand that on Kinja? Well, they might be on Twitter too. Just like on Kinja, ignore them. Seriously, don't follow someone you can not stand Don't engage people you do not like. Don't make lists pointing out their flaws. Just avoid. If they follow you around on Twitter, there's a block button for a reason.
  2. Use the DM function where appropriate. If you don't want the entire world/Kinjaverse to know you told @soandso about @thisperson and their fight with @itsnottuesdaywhythedrama, use the DMs.
  3. Like Kinja, Twitter is not a safe place but the little niche we carved for ourselves is as safe as it can be and is used for comfort and support when someone needs it.
  4. Don't be an asshole.
  5. Make your account private if you want control over who sees your pictures and tweets.
  6. Some people have their real names associated with their twitter accounts. Please refer to them as their Kinja name if they have said so. However, some people don't want their Kinja associated with their twitter so they don't want any mention of their Kinja name near their timeline. If you are unsure which camp someone is in ask them in a DM.
  7. USE PROPER CITATION! Give credit where credit is due. Don't steal tweets and pass them off as yours.
  8. Some people have personal pictures on their Twitter. Please ask before you share their account with others. If you have to share something to one of the Kinja blogs, make sure to block out pictures and names for privacy reason.
  9. Don't harass people just to harass them. If this happens, you will be blocked and reported as spam if you do it enough times.
  10. Find your niche. There are thousands of hobby/fandom niches on Twitter. Search around for yours whether it is photography, chess, sailing, Hannibal, Arrow, etc and join. You don't have to only follow Kinja people.
  11. Warn before you do any excessive tweeting or binge watching.
  12. No fighting unless Empress Foofypants of Clashtalk is around to be entertained by it.
  13. We all exist for the amusement of the Empress.
  14. Don't be an asshole
  15. We support and help one another on Kinja Twitter. Having a bad day? Let someone tweet you a Vine, or YouTube, or JJ Watt picture to cheer you up.
  16. We fight (sometimes) but we always show respect. ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT.
  17. Some of us use Twitter to vent about things including Kinja, GT etc. Don't take anything personal. We all need to vent sometimes.
  18. If we don't tag someone in a tweet, don't add them in a reply or retweet. Unless you know it is cool. If I'm upset that Celebrity A did something but did not include their twitter handle, don't you send a @reply with their Twitter handle in it. You can open people up for harassment if you do that.
  19. Found something on Kinja/Buzzfeed/Tumblr/Internet that everyone needs to see? Share it to Twitter. Just make sure to tag NSFW posts as NSFW. There also is an option in the settings that automatically mark your tweets as sensitive. Use this if your account is going to be NSFW heavy.
  20. Don't be an asshole.
  21. If you use twitter for sexist, racist, homophobic, and any other hate filled speech, don't be surprised that you have been doxxed and fired for work or kicked out of school.
  22. If you don't use your Kinja name or pic in your twitter, let us know who you are on Kinja either through DM or a simple tweet.

A good place to start looking for people with Twitter accounts is to the SqualorID contact list. Don't have a SqualorID or don't know what the flying squirrels SqualorID is about? Well then check out the SqualorID instructions page for more information.


Have a twitter? Link it in the comments below (and update your SqualorID page if it is new).

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