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So, an impulse buy that was an “all of the As Seen on TV stuff is 50% off after Christmas at the Dollar General store!” has turned into my kitchen item that I can’t do without.

Yes, this baby right here...


I got it for 15 bucks.

I use this skillet twice a day. It’s perfect for frying up bacon (its so much easier pouring grease out of a square pan-love those corners), cooking omelettes, sautéing spinach, cooking Indian food, steak, pork chops, etc. You treat it with oil when you first get it, after that, no need. I cook with coconut oil or ghee so it’s never had anything stick. I like it so much I’m thinking about getting two to give to my mom and sister for Christmas.

So GT’ers, what’s been your unexpected kitchen find that you love and would recommend to others?

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