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Welcome To The Bitchery

I am debating between the Kitchenaid 600 6 quart 575 watt bowl lift & the 5 quart Artisan tilt head. Every comparison of the BL & Tilt Head leaves me confused.

The BL is better for bread (I don’t make bread but I do have an interest in it and I would rather buy a mixer that I can grow into than out of) but is taller, hard to add stuff into the bowl. I am short so the height and easy of the bowl is a concern.


The tilt head is easier to use, but can be unsteady with larger mixes, and has plastic parts (vs metal in the BL).


No matter what I am buying it in Tangerine.


I’m sure everyone is waiting on pins & needles for me to update lol.

I went with the bowl lift from QVC. It seems like I get a lot more product for not a lot more than the Artisan 5 qt. plus it comes with a 3 qt bowl so it will solve my concerns about making smaller batches. Thanks for the advice everyone.


And all of the Kitchenaids on QVC are on the 6 easy payments (and at least most are on sale) if anyone wants to grab one. It is a great interest free way to buy it and it makes it seem not as painful for me to drop a chunk of change.

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