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This week's theme: truly evil customers. I get some "BUT WHY WON'T YOU DO A 'TERRIBLE SERVERS' POST" bullshit from time to time, usually in conjunction with idiots commenting in support of horrible humans, but seriously, anyone defending these three assbags will reveal themselves to be as awful as they are.

Also, the reasons why I will NEVER do a Terrible Servers post:

1) I have received several stories about terrible servers, but they are NEVER funny or interesting. Not once have I gotten a good one. They all boil down to, "we had to wait 20 minutes, then I asked for no mayonnaise on my sandwich, but when the sandwich came, THERE WAS MAYO ON IT! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!!!?!?!?!?!!111!!one" I'm sorry you got shitty service, but just because it was important to you doesn't mean anyone else would care or find it remotely interesting.


2) As intheweeds pointed out, that's what Yelp is for. All of these are basically requests that I give voice to the tragically voiceful. Customers have avenues for this stuff — restaurant employees don't.

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