I wrote last week about getting a rescue kitten. Thanks again for everyone's advice! It was really helpful. The kitten has now been with us since Monday night and even though she is still very shy and she's too scared to come out of the bathroom and explore the rest of the apartment, she's improving everyday (the bathroom door is now always open so she can come out, but she hasn't done it when I've been home yet).

Today, I got her to come chase her ball just by bouncing it, whereas yesterday I'd have to get her from behind the sink or the toilet so she would play. She has also started rubbing up against me and purring when we pet her. Today, she even rolled over on her back and exposed her belly to me, whereas when we first got her she kept as low to the ground as possible.

She's using her litter box like a champ, but I'm worried that she's not drinking water. I just got her to drink some about 30 minutes ago by petting her until she's relaxed and placing the dish in front of her. She seemed thirsty and drank quite a lot, but this is the only time I've seen her drink. She also hasn't been eating her wet food, unless I present it to her in the same way, and even then she only has a few bites. She does seem to eat her dry food by herself though. She's grooming and I don't think she's dehydrated, but I'd still love any advice on encouraging her to drink and to explore the rest of the apartment, if you guys have it.