So it's been a bit over a month since I got this little demon and she has completely come out of her shell as you all assured me she would.

She is super sleepy and cuddly during the day and she loves sleeping on her back and letting me pet that tummy. In the morning or after 11 pm though, she turns into a total demon baby, running all over the place, performing extreme running jumps from the couch to the windowsill, pushing things off of high places and just generally being adorable. She's pretty good about letting me sleep at night but sometimes I wake up with her breathing an inch from my face, which is always disconcerting. Anyways, here is a picture of the little beast.


She's very playful and lovely with me and my partner, but we're still working on socializing her with strangers. She pretty much runs and hides when someone new comes to the apartment - it's like she's got a sixth sense for it, because she's nervous for a few minutes before people even come over. I've gotten her to sit on my bed and let people pet her for a few minutes, so I think she's making progress. Does anyone have stories of socializing their cats to tolerate strangers?