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You guys! I went to kitten yoga last night. I have a bunch of photos (I learned from goat yoga last year and brought my phone :).

A local gym partnered with a local animal rescue to put on this event. All the kittens were adoptable and all the proceeds went to the rescue. Pretty smart, I think!

Anyway, here are some photos:

This lil cutie was my bestie! He was playful and pretty naughty. :D
This little sweetie was trying to climb into my friend’s bag to go home with her.
This sweetheart cuddled with my friend’s kiddo for like 40 minutes! Out of an hour!
More kittens + actual yoga (kinda)
They did not have the a/c on in the studio! The mirrors got all fogged up and the floor was covered in condensation, which resulted in the kittens skating and sliding across the floor. I loved the event but, by the end, I was ready for a/c! Plus, we were all sweating, so all the kitten fur was sticking to our faces, lol.

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