So, we put in an application to adopt a kitten this weekend. MrManzana has a 6th sense for cat personalities and what animal would be best for us, and he just fell in love with this little guy right away.

The shelter is very thorough in checking references and all that, which I like. They don't want to give an animal to someone who shouldn't have it. But it makes me nervous, because what if there is something on our app that makes them turn us down?? But the shelter lady just called asking if I could tell two of the references to call back, because their voicemail boxes are full. And we chatted for a bit about the kitten, and about my husband's experience with cats and how much he loved this little guy, and about my bunny and how it must be fate. Because they thought the cat was a girl until they took him to be spayed, and discovered he had to be neutered instead. And that is the exact thing that happened with the rabbit.

Then she basically said that as long as both the references call her back, we are good to go, and she hopes to call us by tonight to tell us we can get the kitten. I'm so excited! Especially since we were told we probably wouldn't hear back until the end of the week.

I promise that when (knock wood) we bring this little guy home, I will give you all a picture so you can see how insanely cute he is. Send psychic messages to my friend to tell her to call the lady back right away!