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Welcome To The Bitchery
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They're both running around the apartment right now. It's pretty amusing.

So, yeah I just let him out in the bedroom last night and told him and Siren not to kill each other. All this kitten wants to do is play and cuddle with Siren and she's like NO. But other than that she's being a good girl. She hissed, growled and swatted at him (no claws) a handful of times, like if he got too close to her or any of her things (her water bowl is one of them) but she hasn't actually hit him or anything. He's just wandering around looking at everything and Siren is following him around everywhere he goes.


Of course, now he won't let me pick him up. He's all NO I'M FREEEEEE LEAVE ME ALONE! Siren keeps trying to smack him on the butt. It's really funny, lol.

But for the most part they're fine. I'm so happy! Watch, by the time the guy comes to pick him up, Siren will love him.


If that's the case, and they do start getting along well, would it be awful if I told the guy who's adopting him that I'm gonna keep the kitten? I feel like that's fucked up. I probably won't do it anyway, but I'm just wondering how rude it would be if I did.

EDIT - Ok I am definitely not telling the guy I'm going to keep him. I assumed it would be rude and mean and then a lot of you confirmed that. But I will tell him that if for whatever reason he can no longer keep him, then to bring the kitten back to me ASAP and do NOT put him in a shelter or give him away.

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