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Kitty advice request: my (grandma’s) cat from hell

Several years ago, my Grandmere’s beloved poodle died and she got a cat.

Grandmere being Grandmere, she picked the cat who didn’t come straight for her in the shelter - she picked the aloof, prickly cat. Since then he has mellowed a lot, but he still jumps at her and will bite. She’s been to the hospital twice with infected bites. Before this she had never been to the ER, and she’s 91 years old!

I talked to her last night and she “jokingly” asked if I wanted her cat. Not sure if she was testing the waters or just kidding, but I know she’s concerned because she’s not steady on her feet and the cat is really unpredictable. She uses her walker all the time and is terrified of falling. I would hate for her to lose her companion but of course I understand her concern.


Does anyone have any advice on how to mellow out this kitty? I think he was abused in his first home - right before he bites he seems to go into a trance, like he’s reliving past trauma (that may sound crazy but I swear he just looses control, like he’s not really there). Has anyone had success in rehabilitating a troubled cat? I’ve been wondering if there might be something we could put in his food, like CBD for kitties. I really want Grandmere to have her friend, and we both love the cat, and at this point if he’s surrendered he may be put down :-(

Any advice would be really, really appreciated. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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