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Kitty Pryde and Peter Rasputin Early 1980s Romance Why Did Chris Claremont Think "good idea"?

This book covers XMen issues 162 to 179 plus an Annual and Graphic Novel God Loves Man Kills allearly 80s. Oddly in the 80s I had stopped reading comics except for Savage Sword of Conan. Past few years I discoved a love for older comics 60s through 80s via Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase has been given me enjoyment.

The XMen are so soap opera like romance, weddings betrayal. I just got the Classic XMen books the three books cover the 1960s.


Anyways in around issue 165 Kitty is recovering in bed and Peter visits her they hug and kiss. He says he wishes she was older. She is 14 he is 20(?). A few issues later Storm notices how Kitty looks at Peter and thought of how she once saw him the same way.

About ten issues later Kitty wants to show Peter something. She kisses him amd jumps in his arms. She has him shut his eyes then she starts phasing through the walls to a) test her phasing techniques to see who she could take and b) get him into the attic to water Storm’s plants. Storm is outside thinking she hears intruders and wanting to fight sees Peter and Kitty making out while standing.

Why did Chris Claremont think this was a good plot idea. Did he not listen to the radio during this time and hear the 1980 Benny Mardones song Into The Night? I know when they first kissed I thought “she is just 14 years old leave her alone”. The song was about a 16 year old in which an older 20something lusted for.

I am positive most oldsters recall the song well it was playing a lot on the radio in the early 80s.

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