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Kitty question

So this morning when I woke up, I found two small puddles by the front door mat. One was totally clear, would have thought it was water and the other was clear like that but with what looked like small little chunks of his dissolved feline pine litter. Except this is on the opposite end of the house of where his box is, and there was no trail, so I don’t think it was random spillage. He also pooped normally in his box between last night and this morning, as is usual. I clean out all clumps and poops everyday, so his box is always clean for him to use.

I don’t know if this was pee or maybe throw up if he was trying to get a hairball up? I didn’t notice a strong smell, but I also didn’t smell it close up before I cleaned it up and I’m a little mad at myself for not thinking to get a better idea what it was.


And I don’t know if he was doing this because I slept in a little later (was up working until 3:30 am) and he didn’t get his morning kibble at his usual time or if there is something wrong with him. I’ve never had trouble with him not using his litter box. I would actually feel better if he was pissed at me (he was meowing something fierce to wake me up, lol), since adhering to his feeding time is a way easier fix than him being ill or something.

Anyone have any idea what this could be? He seems fine now but I’m just a worry-wart and I also don’t want to have to deal with a kitty that won’t use his box.

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