Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hi all, thanks for the sweetness and concern about my little Aggie. She's been gone for over a month now. We still get calls of sightings, but generally it's the same couple of kitties who just resemble her. My fiancé has been fantastic and gone on so many searches and followed a lot of leads. The whole neighborhood has been amazing too! They really want to help us and I couldn't appreciate that more. We're definitely staying over here for the foreseeable future.

Of course there are a,ways those crazy stories of reuniting but I've grieved for the loss and will continue to miss that crazy little girl. I hope she's off with a band of fellow rebellious kitties, perhaps in a kitty biker gang. We're very lucky to have 2 sweet cats and a fantastic doggie remaining and this makes me grateful for every minute with them.


Loss is awful; loss of a pet really gets a lot of us badly. I regret letting her outside that day but I can't take it back now and I have to move forward. If there's anything I care about saying in this post it's that I'm going to continue to love all over my rescues and will continue to adopt when we're ready for more!

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