So my fluff ball is still at the vet. He spent the night on an IV and the vet said he seems a little better but he didn't pass anything. They don't want to do surgery yet, but they do want to do a radioisotope test. I'm going to have to tell them no, I can't afford it. The bill is already at $440, the radioisotope test is $200. We are going to ask them to keep him on the IV another night to see if he passes it, if not surgery is tomorrow (which costs a huge chunk of money). With or without the radioisotope test they will be leaving him on the IV. The test would tell us if things were moving or not, I just can't afford that test AND then surgery if the IV doesn't work tonight. I just hate making my cat suffer a day longer, it makes me feel like a terrible person.

Of course this happens right at Christmas, where I have travel plans, lots of money already spent, hotels booked, etc. The family is going to have to deal with cards with a photo of us in them as presents this year. My bank account is going to be all tapped out.