My little man is back from the vet and still a little high, but he pooped a little already!

He got an enema which should help and is getting a prescription later this week that should clean him out even more. The vet is sending the lab work to the U of Michigan to do a malignancy test and try to tell us what’s causing the hypercalcemia. Most of the time it’s ideopathic, so they don’t know why it happens and there are a few ways to manage it. It can also be cancer or a rarer adrenal disorder. We should hear back on that in a week or so.

Still good vibes needed but I’m hoping he’s in better shape for the time being at least. I’m hoping if it’s ideopathic that once we do this hard restart of his digestive system we can manage the symptoms of his constipation at least (small dose of Miralax daily, probiotics, more pumpkin, a combo of all of these).