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kitty update :(

Hi guys. My big guy is not doing well. We are headed to the ICU / specialist hospital this afternoon for a feeding tube and an ultrasound.

We’ve been force feeding him high calorie food with a syringe since Wednesday now and he isn’t getting better. We gave him an appetite stimulate last night and two doses of cisapride (to clean out intestines) but he has no interest in eating and hasn’t pooped. The vet referred me to go get a feeding tube in today, which will at least get him food and stop us from bothering him. He hates us sticking the syringe in his mouth. And the ultrasound could help with some diagnostics until we get the blood analysis back next week.


I’m just very worried at this point. He seems so bad. He has lost a lot of weight. He was down a whole pound in one week between vet visits and last night felt so light when I had to move him. He’s just totally blah, like a ragdoll. Laying there all day/night, eyes glazed over, he doesn’t even fight me when I move him or touch his feet or tummy like usual, only when I try to feed him. He’s still drinking a little water on his own but will sniff the food bowl then walk away. He’s barely walking at all though except when he’s trying to get away from being fed, and his back legs are wobbly. He seems very weak. i’m just scared that if the malignancy test shows something bad that it’s too late already.

Here’s what he’s been doing all day/ night in various places -

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:( :( :(

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