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I have a knitting question! My mom made me a sweater dress and it’s really nice, the yarn is a pretty teal and blue heathered soft wool with snazzy seamless pockets. The only problem is it’s not a super flattering shape, no waist definition and the snazzy, albeit bulky, pockets fall at my lower abdomen region. I’m not going to frog it because it’s sock weight and I’m too lazy to knit a sweater from sock weight, I also actually really like it as is. I’m thinking I would get more use out of it as a long line cardigan.

I’m thinking of cutting it down the center front and finishing those raw edges with grosgrain ribbon, then adding some sort of closure, maybe toggles. The only thing is the sleeves are really slim and there’s some negative ease across the hips: is this a recipe for disaster? I wonder if I could get away with reblocking it... I don’t think my mom blocks her work at all so I may be able to grab a little circumference there.

Second question: if you knitted this, would it bother you if the recipient altered it this way? I think I’d get more use out of a slim fit long line cardigan, but I could always just throw on a belt and wear it on the holidays.


Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

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