I love cables. Love a cabled sweater like some people love life. I love striped sweaters with all of their seaside charm. I am going to knit a striped sweater in a few months. I am going to knit a cabled sweater for myself. I will do this because I like sweaters and I like to knit.

I picked up some knitting books at the library yesterday including "Big Girl Knits" and "More Big Girl Knits"- because I'm fat, see. I'm really kind of disappointed in these books. Some of the patterns are cute(and some of them are really not), but I'm so SICK of "do's and don'ts" for fat girls. Don't use worsted or bulky yarn. Don't use stripes, don't make fair isle sweaters. Cables make you look bulky. Don't knit raglan sleeves, everything should skim your body except of course this jacket with the weird felted flowers all over the collar.

It's great- no seriously GREAT that this is a book for unabashed fat ladies. That is something sorely lacking. It's just that I'm really tired of being told that these are things I can wear(because they make you look skinnier fatty!)- and these are things I cannot wear(because you are fat!) Maybe I want to make a cabled tunic I can wear over leggings. Maybe my first sweater is going to be a raglan sleeve, maybe I'm going to make a jacket in bulky yarn. I am definitely going to make myself a Seventh Doctor vest.


And I'm not going to care who thinks it makes me look fat.